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Our ReStore is proudly owned and operated by Wabash Valley Habitat for Humanity to serve our mission of building homes, communities and hope

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Our Wabash Valley Habitat ReStore was the beneficiary of the generosity of our local Red Lobster when they remodeled their facility.  Excess equipment, furniture, and artwork were removed with care and donated to us during a recent remodel project undertaken by the restaurant.  Red Lobster management instructed the remodel workers to remove the old furnishings and equipment carefully so that it could be loaded onto Habitat's donation pickup truck each week. 


Many of the items were bought almost before we could move them from our truck to the ReStore building.  The large artwork which we placed outside our building on 19th and Wabash attracted a great deal of attention and sold that first day.  Another buyer who noticed the chairs come of the truck bought all 90 of them on the spot.   We're hoping the lobster tank will attract someone with large fish or reptile who needs a very spacious home.  You just never know what you're going to find at  the Habitat ReStore !  We also still have for sale several booths, tables, small artwork, and other furnishings from this generous donar.


This is a good opportunity to remind local businesses as well as residents to remember Wabash Valley Habitat's ReStore when you update your furniture, cabinets, and appliances.  Everyone wins when you donate your gently used furniture and still-working appliances.  We offer free pickup services for those items we can use or you are welcome to drop items off during our normal business hours.  We discourage drop-offs when we are not open to protect your donations from the weather and from vandals and theft. 

Save your money, neighborhood, community, and the earth!  Your local  Habitat ReSTORE is the place the Wabash Valley community can get quality  construction materials at bargain prices.  Well kept homes make safer neighborhoods.


Contribute by donating or as a buying customer

Your contribution as a donor or as a buyer at the ReSTORE not only keeps useable materials out of the landfill, but saves on your hauling costs. And, your donation is also tax deductible!  Free pickup service is available by calling the ReSTORE, 812-232-9200.


Remember, the ReStore, at 19th and Wabash here in Terre Haute, Indiana, is open Wednesdays, 9-2, Thursdays, 9-2, Fridays 9-6, and Saturday, 9-2.  We are closed on most holidays.



Merchandise we accept as donations and offer for sale: 

  • New and usable used building materials such as lumber, insulation, hardwood and tile flooring, windows, doors, etc.

  • New and usable kitchen and bathroom cabinets

  • New and used appliances that are in good working order

  • New and gently used furniture

  • New items which are surplus or discontinued items from local hardware stores, building contractors, landscape companies

  • Many other items donated by businesses and individuals


Items we typically do not accept:

  • bedding (unless in good condition and unstained)

  • clothing

  • broken items

  • items needing repair .. we don't have the facilities to make even minor repairs


Footnote on donations: 
While we totally agree that "one man's trash is another man's  treasure", we sometimes don't have the space to hold onto that treasure until the right treasure hunter comes along.  New building materials, good reclaimed building materials, appliances in good working order, cabinets in good condition, and furniture in good condition are in high demand and sell quickly.  Therefore, we try very hard to find room for them.  However,  old windows and doors, old toilets, bathtubs, and showers take up a lot of space.  We may have to turn such donations down on occasion.

Wabash Valley Habitat for Humanity ReStore, 1831 Wabash Avenue, Terre Haute, Indiana 47807   (812)232-9200


Last modified: 11/05/2013